Ginger Errington

Sue Granger Realty
222 S. State St.
Marion, OH, 43302
(740) 251-4587

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Unlikely to recommend
j weiershauserdayton
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
I wanted to view a listing of Errington realty so I attempted to contact Ginger. I left messages, sent texts, and emailed, it took 4 days to get a response from Ginger. By the time I got a response I had already called another realtor, who called me back within 20 minutes of my leaving her a message. I can't rate on expertise, knowledge and skills because she failed at the first step.... Responding.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
My husband had a job interview in Marion, which was several hours from where we lived at the time. While we were in town, we wanted to see a couple of houses, in case he got the job. We clicked the link to email the realtors for the two houses we wanted to look at, not realizing that a random realtor would be assigned. We are so thankful that the random realtor for one house was Ginger Errington! She and her husband, Tim, met us at the house and we enjoyed exploring it with them. We told them about ourselves and what we were looking for and hoping for in a house, and they did a great job at helping us evaluate that house based on our specific needs. They are an excellent team ? Ginger helped me envision the flow of the house with children in it, and talked aesthetics with me (I?m a girly housewife if ever there was one) ? while Tim enthusiastically checked for problems or pitfalls with the structure/wiring/plumbing/etc.... We felt an instant bond with them, and felt like they were really listening to us and truly wanted us to find a house that would suit every one of our needs. They told us that they could show any house in Ohio, and if we ever needed their services, they were willing to travel as far as Cleveland or Cincinnati, and my husband and I later agreed that we would keep their card and call them when we knew more definitely what our plans were going to be. My husband did not end up getting that job, but a few months later, he did get a job a little bit north of Cincinnati. When we were ready to buy a house, we were so excited to call Ginger and Tim! They drove down from the Columbus area ? almost 2 hours! ? and showed us six houses in one long, fun day. The fourth house we saw, all four of us knew almost instantly, was ours. The Erringtons helped us write an offer right there on the kitchen counter, then prayed with us over it that God would direct and bless the negotiation process. (They already knew we were Christians who would appreciate this gesture.) They supported, encouraged, and explained us through the processes of negotiating, inspections, and financing, then drove back down here again to be with us for closing. They made a nerve-wracking process much less difficult than I ? a first-time homebuyer ? anticipated! We are so glad to have had their help, and while we SWEAR we are never leaving this house that we love so much, we gladly recommend them to anybody we know who is considering buying or selling a house, and also gladly count them among our dear friends. :-) Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
I wouldn't go with any other realtor than Ginger. She was extremely patient with us as we were unsure exactly what we wanted, moving from Marion to Cleveland Ohio Ginger was able to take time out of her busy schedule and come to Cleveland many times to spend the entire day showing us homes! She is passionate about her job and was willing to do whatever it took to find us our dream home. Closing on our home became very difficult being 2 hours away but she was there every step of the way and accommodated to us in every way! Without her it would never have happened. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Showed me homes
Ginger helped us find our first home in 2007, although we spent a couple of years prior to that looking at properties with her before we actually purchased one. She was very helpful and patient during our lengthy search, and was always very quick to set appointments for us to see any place we wanted to look into. She always responded very quickly to any questions, and did her best to find out any information that would be helpful to us. More recently as we have started shopping for another home this year, we didn't think twice about calling up Ginger to act as our agent. She is honest, hard working, always friendly, and we have really enjoyed working with her over the years. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
CinderellaSean KelleyKroh
Showed me homes
I have been working with Ginger for almost a year, while transitioning to Marion, OH. I have come out to look at homes and she worked very hard to get all the appointments set up. She dropped whatever she was doing to work with me because she knew I was only in town for a few days. She has an outstanding knowledge of the area and homes. Ginger responds to me right away whenever I have questions and goes out of her way to get me information when I ask. She even did a telephone walk through of a home with me! Wonderful to work with. I would recommend Ginger in a heart beat!!! Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Ginger worked very hard to find a home that met all of our needs and requirements. She was very patient with us as we looked at many houses and helped explain some of our financing options. She made sure we were comfortable with the price and the home. She never pressured us into a home even though we were seriously considering another home before we found the right one. I loved working with Ginger and have recommended her to 3 other couples and will continue to do so.
Do not recommend
Showed me homes
Ginger was unsatisfactory in regard to representing us as a buyer. During negotiations she simply had no advice to give. When we met the sellers realtor the differences were so obvious. Sadly, Ginger did NOT represent our interests. Most of the time we felt like we were the only ones arguing for our offer. It often felt like she could care less about our interests. When it was all over, we seriously felt like her ethics were lacking. If I were you, I'd find any other realtor.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Ginger has been with my Husband and I throughout our home shopping process. This is our first home, and we had a lot of questions. She is very straight forward and quick to respond. She made herself available to look on short notice. She stated the facts without beating around the bush. We were very comfortable working with Ginger, and will recommend her as a Realtor. Thanks!