Monica Rojas

26 years of work experience
Monica Rojas
13109 Hwy 6
Santa Fe, TX, 77510
(409) 229-4604

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Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
This is the second time I've worked with Monica. She is a pleasure to work with, very nice and always on top of things. She's knowledgeable about real estate and once she put my house up for sale, I had an offer within 24 hours. You really can't beat that.
Do not recommend
Helped me buy home
This "woman" nearly ruined a transaction that was 80% done without realtors. Just hired her to do paperwork. As it was, her incompetence at the paperwork delayed the transaction nearly a month. Most unresponsive realtor I have *ever* dealt with. Too bad realtors can't be de-barred. Stay away!!
Response fromMonica Rojas
This review is from 15 years ago. Most agents aren't even around today that were in the business in 1998. However, I do recall that I went for a listing. The seller decided to work with the buyer above and I would handle the paperwork only and see it through to closing on the sellers behalf. The delay was due to clerical office personnel that didn't turn in the paperwork. I was horrified when it was discovered and we put a rush on it. I actually remember how upset I was about that discovery. I am responsible as I am the broker, a set back occurred. While delayed, it did ultimately close. My sellers were satisfied and even referred another property to me. I had no idea the buyer was so upset. Buyer if you should need real estate help in the future, I'd love to make it up to you! Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Monica guided me through the dark maze of real estate with expertise and relatability. As a home buyer, there is so much I didn't know. Monica broke everything down so I could understand the process with ease. She answered all of my questions immediately. Even if I thought I was asking dumb questions, she put my mind at ease and never made me feel inadequate. Buying a house is extremely stressful. But she always managed to calm my fears because of her extensive knowledge. Knowledge is power in this game of buying and selling real estate. I'm a single mom who needed alot of guidance. It was like she took me under her wings of protection and safety. I'm not a multi-million dollar home buyer. But she made me feel as though I was. I highly recommend Monica for any realty needs. She will fight for you with her negotiation skills. This is one who won't let you down. Less ... More
Response fromMonica Rojas
Wow! Melanie, you brought tears to my eyes... Hectic day, and just glanced at the email but started to slow down and read the review carefully. You, my Dear, are precisely the reason I love my chosen career path. Your appreciation and recognition of my efforts on your behalf make ME feel like a million dollars!!! Thank you so much :)