Paul Sliwka

Central Properties LLC
1353 V Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009
(703) 505-2222

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Listed and sold a home
I put my Ashburn, VA townhouse on the market mid August of 2014. It was a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath, ~2,400 sq ft, in a community with lots of parking, shopping, and entertainment. As this was the first time I sold a property and due to the financial advantage of a significant refund when the property sold, I initially went with a Realtor who was referred by my Financial Institution. After interviewing the Realtor, I was ready to go and complete the work on the house she suggested by the date she requested. This Realtor had the house on the market for me from Mid August 2014 through end of December 2014. Granted, Ashburn had a lot of inventory, but there was only a handful of showings with zero offers that entire time. When I asked what she was doing to market my property, she mentioned a bunch of websites. Suffice it to say that I terminated her service and waited a couple months to assess my situation. During this time, I talked to my "long time" friends regarding the challenges I had with the sales process & Realtor. During one of these discussions, one of "long time" friends who has bought and sold lots of properties in the DC area due to job relos recommended Paul Sliwka. I asked for Paul's contact info, and Paul actually contacted me the next day. I explained to Paul the challenges I had with the previous Realtor, that I wasn't putting any more money into the house, and that the price is the price as I don't like to negotiate (preferring to fairly price items). He said that should be no issue given the house's condition, location, and comps. Paul listed my house, held an open house, and in less than a week, sold the property. I couldn't believe it. Paul was professional, informative, and very helpful as he guided me throughout the entire process. I had to complete repairs on the house and deal with an frustrating HOA company. However, not only did Paul have good contractors for all the work that had to be done on the house due to various inspection results (standard, pest, HOA, etc.), he "talked me off the ledge" when the frustration with the ongoing issues seemed to cropped up non stop. Paul's contractor contacts were very reasonable, reliable, and flexible with their schedules, and I couldn't have been happier. On a final note, while Paul was on vacation overseas between the offer and closing time frame when inspections were happening and repairs needed to be worked, he kept in touch with me and all his contacts without delay -- again, while he was on his vacation! I can't say enough good things about Paul's performance in general, his calm demeanor, guidance, and support from the beginning through closing. Should I ever move back to that area, I would call Paul without hesitation to search for homes (even without the significant refund I would receive from my financial institution because he's that good). Less ... More