Gladis Beirne

21 years of work experience
Absolute Realty Source Corp.
6912 W. 16th St.
Berwyn, IL, 60402
(630) 366-0899

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Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
I have never met any like Gladys and Enrique. They went above and beyond their duties. I can't tell you how many times my husband and I tried to get a house, we met with agents and brokers, loan officers and it never happened. Most of them stopped replying to us, they were unprofessional. Our family was growing we needed a house. He made me look for someone online, I'm so nervous about putting info out there. I took the chance, i emailed multiple people and Enrique was the only one to respond. We made an appointment, mwt with him and he introduced us to Gladys who took us out that day to start looking for our home. This day in August is one of my most memorable. Gladys and Enrique know what they're doing. They're professional, thorough, honest, as i mentioned before they went above and beyond. I am truly grateful to have met them. They are both wonderful people. If you're looking for a broke and agent. This is definitely the place to go, they work great as a team. I feel that they did almost all the work, wait i meant all the work. These two have my trust, and I have definitely referred them. Enrique explained everything to us on the finance side, he made sure we understood, and he always answers his phone when I called with questions, i really appreciate talking to a person. Gladys, spent much time with us, she gave us great advice. This woman really knows what she's talking about and has such style. I welcomed her decorating ideas. She worked nonstop for us, she never left us to do anything alone. I recommend them. If you want your house, start here. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
She is great at what she does, you will be in great hands with her. She made the process of buying a house very productive and she has an answer to all our questions ,since we are first time home buyers. Over all my her expertise will not guide you in the wrong direction!
Highly likely to recommend
Showed me homes
So when you check on the box for the realtors to contact you, Gladis was the only realtor out of the 3 others that responded immediately after I send the request, and then meeting her was awesome. As a new homebuyer she educated me and my fiancée and let us know everything about the way banks work and the different types of loans. Also what would qualify and what wouldn't so that we wouldn't waste our time. Overall she started as our realtor and then bacame part of my family. I definitley wouldn't go with anyone else but her in the future. Gladis knew we needed to find a home ASAP and she made it happen. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Gladis Beirne and the team at Absolute Realty went above and beyond to put me in my perfect home. Shorty after I initially contacted Gladis about a property I was interested in, she was eager to meet me within the hour to show me the listing as well as other listings she thought I might be interested in. Her extensive knowledge of the the area and her understanding of what I was looking for made the process of looking for a home a very comfortable and pleasurable experience. I was pre-qualified for an FHA loan prior to contacting Gladis, but Enrique Hernandez (their on site mortgage banker) was able to convert my FHA loan into a conventional loan which enabled me to expand my property search and ultimately find the house of my dreams. Krystal Kelham took the time to work with me through process of securing the short sale (which the home was) and explained in depth the steps and processes we were going through and why it was happening. She actually took the time to be on sight as the property inspection was taking place and would help me with my trips to Berwyn city hall whenever it was necessary to go there. The team is amazing. They made what can easily be an intimidating or overwhelming experience and turned it into a very positive and comfortable one. They're extremely knowledgeable and they're the best at what they do. They want to see you in your perfect home, not just any home, and they'll do whatever they can to help put you in it. Less ... More