Josie Rollan

Realty Edge
4043 Maple Road Suite 307
Amherst, NY, 14226
(718) 314-2153

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Highly likely to recommend
Showed me homes
What impressed me the most about Ms. Rollan was her professional ethics, knowledge of real estate and her willingness to go above the call of duty as they say. She took the time with me to locate the property that best fit my desire and request. Ms. Rollan showed great pride in satisfying me. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying a home and loving their choice for a long time...
Highly likely to recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
Josie Rollan I would highly recommend as a agent. She has been most helpful in finding homes that I have been most interested in. She is very knowledgable in her field of work. Very kind and returns message and or call within a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Josie Rollan to both friends and family regarding any questions and or concerns regarding real estate. Whether rentals or purchasing. I still email and call Josie Rollan for questions regarding renting due to I found a home to rent without a realitor and had some concerns regarding craigslist and scams and had asked for some information due to I was feeling alittle uncomfortable about the home that I had found. Josie gave me some information and guidance and also if she was unable at that time to answer a question, she woiuld make calls and talk to other people in her field to help her out. She is very dedicated , skilled and kind in her field of work. I will have her help me when I am able to purchase a home. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Showed me homes
Josie was very professional and attentive to my mothers every need.. I highly recommend her and when my husband & i are ready to purchase our home, she will be the first person we call
Highly likely to recommend
QI MahYin
Showed me homes
Thank You! Its the first thing that I must say. You really did everything to relax me without even knowing. I am new to the home buying experience and I am terrified of being taken advantage of from the agents, brokers etc not disclosing everything to the banks predatory lending practices. I have done some reading on how these things can happen, so I was more than leery. Ms. Rollan, thanks again for your patience and expertise.
Highly likely to recommend
Showed me homes
Ms.Rollan showed me some homes in Buffalo NY 14207 and although did not see any homes in that zip code that interested me. Her local knowledge of the area was extensive, process expertise good, responsiveness to my needs and her negotiations skills smooth and none pressuring and I will continue to work with her, until I find a home that I like.
Do not recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
I emailed Ms. Rollan about a home my family was interested in. After I told her that I was not interested in her becoming my full-time agent (after one phone call), she said it benefits her none to show me one house, and that she can give me the number of someone who may be willing to show the house to us, but she was not going to. This may be okay in the real estate world, but I found it unprofessional.
Response fromJosie Rollan
I am sorry to hear that you feel this way. I have and will gladly continue to commute miles to show clients one or more homes. Showing one home was not the concern - you stated that you were not interested or willing to work with "any realtors" outside of the purpose of viewing this home.( the commute to show you this home would have required over 23 miles one way plus tolls) My professional advice to you was to contact the listing agent who would schedule a convenient time for you to view this property and so I offered to provide you with the name and contact information of this agent. Less ... More