Keelie Timmons

7 years of work experience
The Real Estate Group
824-A SW 134th
Oklahoma City, OK, 73170
(405) 759-3469

Ratings & reviews (4)

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Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
Keelie is a very easy to work with agent who is always upbeat and helpful. She said she could get our house sold quickly and she did! We are very pleased with having her for an agent and wouldn't hesitate to use her again.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
I was a first time homebuyer and Keelie was an excellent realtor! She was available whenever we needed her to be, answered any questions we had at anytime (night or day), and was there for us through the whole process! Thank you so much for everything Keelie!!
Do not recommend
Showed me homes
Keelie isVERY unprofessional and DISHONEST. We had to do all the leg work in finding a home right for us. She also lied to us on several occasions about properties we were interested in. I'm assuming that she had other people that were also interested in the properties and favored them over us. On at least 3 occasions she told us that she could not locate a property (even though I could locate it in 2 seconds and verify that it was available by the agent actually listing it) or that it was a "AS-IS Cash Only" deal so that we would move on from that property and she could show her favored clientele the home with out any interference or competition from us. Each time I was told this story by Keelie I verified it with the homes listing agent and they confirmed anyone telling me these things was straight lying to us. Being lied to by someone you are trusting with your family's next home is a deal breaker for us. The one offer she did submit for us was not done the way it was supposed to be by her or the man she referred us to for financing. Their closing costs were $1200 over what they should have been. Maybe she got a finders fee or something???? All in all it was a terrible experience and a waste of our time. Too bad too because we ended up buying the perfect home within a week of dumping her as our agent. This time though we had a very professional, honest and experienced agent. It makes all the difference in the world! Do not waste your time with Keelie Timmons. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!! Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
I am a first time home buyer and the way that my hand was held throughout the transaction made the experience great. I was informed every step of the way. Thanks so much Keelie.