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William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgag
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Do not recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
I tried working with William Raveis to pursue several Milford rentals. Their office is completely unresponsive. If you do hound them and get someone by phone, they are friendly and courteous, and will promise you a call back in a hour, or in a day. That call will never come. After trying to inquire about 4 rentals repeatedly during a 2 week period, the ONLY incoming phone call to me was a woman who called me by mistake and had my number next to someone else's name.
Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
The agents and staff at Raveis are personable, responsible and diligent. I am impressed by their thoroughness and competency. I have appreciated their advice and work on behalf of our home sale.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
We are purchasing long distance. Our William Raveis agent gave us a wonderful education about the area. Took us around from town to town to help us learn about and understand the area. Then we proceeded with looking at homes. She has taken a great amount of time learing what it was that we were looking for in a home and the area. She was a wonderful negotiator and helped us purchase a great house with in our budget. Now she is taking the time to help us get thru the purchase of the home making sure we are comfortable with every step. Less ... More
Do not recommend
Helped me buy home
I used an agent from the William Raveis Real Estate office located at 48 Mill Plain Road in Danbury, CT to help me shop for a new home. The agent I used was Ms. Michele Denault-Donato. When I found the home I was interested in pursuing, I had asked Ms. Denault-Donato what was included in the sale. She told me the frig, stove, microwave, as well as the washer and dryer were included. When I decided to make an offer on the house, she wrote up the offer to purchase (binder) in which she indicated that ALL the appliances were included. This offer was given to the sellers agent who presented it to the seller who accepted it. On the day of the closing, I did a final walk through of the property. The washer and dryer were gone. Ms. Denault-Donato said not to worry. She stated that the seller would either need to bring those appliances back and/or give me a credit at the closing. She promised she would "fix this". Ms. Denault-Donato did not show up at the closing and has not "fixed" anything. It turns out the seller never intended to leave the washer and dryer but Ms. Denault-Donato was either unclear about the terms of the sale or purposefully deceived me. In either case, she misrepresented the listing to me and for this I have asked that she take responsibility. Thus far, she has refused to take any responsibility and so has the upper management at Raveis. Less ... More
Do not recommend
Listed home, but didn't sell
My agent has not done anything they promised. I have been doing my own advertising, she didn't even put the open house in the paper. I get no feedback on people who were supposedly interested and no calls back when I call her. three other agents said I have a beautiful house and even in this market, it's priced perfect and in great shape. There is no reason why I shouldn't be getting hits, unless she's not doing her job. i asked to break the contract which I was told I could at any time, and they said only if I pay the commission from the contract. Less ... More
Do not recommend
Helped me buy home
We were looking for a home and were shown many not even close to what we wanted or willing to compromise with. We found our home and stayed with the agent who turned out to be a spineless liar! We almost lost the home we put the offer on because of his inability to communicate to a sellers broker who intimidated him. In the end he never even wished us good luck with Champagne, wine, or even a bottle of sparkling cider!!! Very unprofessional!
Do not recommend
Listed home, but didn't sell
Glad you asked: First of all I do not blame Cheri Parr ....she was new to the real estate experience. I blame her counterpart entirely...Sarah ...something. I told Cheri to send postcards to the condos in the area of my home...not my street. (I sold my home in 5 days to a woman living in the Riverwalk condos this May and I close at the end of June). The directions to my house were never corrected on the internet and anyone looking for my home would have ended up 5 miles in the other direction. The picture on the internet was lousy..it had a large tree in front of the house blocking the house...I suggested another picture ..it never happened. Sarah made a point of telling prospective buyers that I needed 24 hours notice because of my "dogs"....she should not have indicated there were dogs in the house. Sarah's open houses were short and a waste. She did not put signs at the end of the streets to indicate an open house and she arrived to set up late every time she did an open house. I adjusted all the blinds/shades in the house to give a nice appearance and airflow. Sarah yanked them all to the top of the window making the rooms look cheap and in disarray. When the six months were up (November 17th, 2011) I phoned the manager of Raveis and asked that the sign be removed from in front of my house. I was accused of getting rid of the sign.....when in fact it was right in front of my home....again the sign company could not find my home because of the lousy directions given to them by Raveis. I wonder how many prospective buyers gave up looking for my home during the 6 months it was with Raveis because they became frustrated with the directions. I put my home on the market this past May 15th, 2012 with another agency. Open house on May 20th....5 days later and it sold! I will go out of my way NOT to recommend Raveis to any of my friends. Again, I do not blame Cheri Parr.....I blame the woman who was her "mentor" Sarah....something! I personally think Sarah saw Cheri as a possible threat in the business and went out of her way to give Cheri back advice. Less ... More
Do not recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
Very poor communication skills and this company has agents working for them who have no ethics. The particular agent had no people skills and did not return phone calls in a professional time manner. The agent's cell phone was so full that no messages could be left. I would never recommend or have any dealings with this company. In this economy phase real estate companies should be welcoming new clients. The company lacks integrity, honesty, and lacks the ability to meet customers needs.
Response fromWilliam Raveis Customer Service
Hi, We would love the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Please contact us at 888-699-8876 and ask for Colleen.
Do not recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
I contacted a William Raveis representative about touring a house. I was told that within 2 hours I would get a response. 24 hours went by and I had heard nothing so inquired as to who would be contacting me. The representative lied and told her boss that she had left me three voicemails when we all know that in this day and age cell phones record each missed call as well as voicemails, I had neither. Then she had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault and I should change my voicemail to have my name on it instead of the automated recording. Unfortunately for them I was willing to purchase a house in cash, in a very short time frame. Looks like another agency will get my money and commission. Terrible TERRIBLE customer service and a huge loss of $ for them. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Showed me homes
I was contacted by a customer service representative within an hour of my online request. She immediately put me in touch both verbally and in writing with a real estate agent and mortgage broker, who both contact me within an hour of that. They have been very professional and responsive. I am in the beginning stages of my search and thus cannot comment on negotiation skills yet.