Laura Trundle

Coldwell Banker Real Estate
575 Indian Rocks Road N
Belleair Bluffs, FL, 33770
(727) 222-4065

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Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Laura is the only Agent out of 100's we called about buying a winter home in Florida. We are glad that she did. We gave her a list of our wants and needs and our very small budget! But that didn't stop her from helping us get our dream home in Florida. We flew to Florida and she had a dozen or so places for us to see. She didn't pressure us or make us feel like less of a client because we were shopping short sale. We did put in an offer on our first trip out with her. We returned home and with ever question we had, we got a quick response from her via phone and or email. She is very professional and has a real feel for what people's needs are. We bought ! And she is the reason ! Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
This young woman is dedicated beyond belief. She represented me during an extremely long and arduous negotiation for the home I wished to purchase. Even when it became clear that she would never make enough in commision to compensate for the number of hours she was spending putting this deal together, she never complained and never gave up. I could not have chosen a more professional, more determined agent. I would reccomend her above any other agent in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area.
Highly likely to recommend
Will Augustine
Listed and sold a home
Laura Trundle is a truly polished real estate professional. She did an excellent job from start to finish, staging and marketing our home. She prepared a detailed market analysis of what the home should list for and fully explained why. She communicates extremely well. She placed the home on the market and within 6 days she handed us 5 contract offers to buy! Bottom line, we needed to sell the home, and she got the job done, when other agents couldn't. If we decide to return to the Tampa Bay area in the future and need a home, we're calling Laura Trundle, and we strongly recommend you do as well. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy and sell homes
Laura Trundle was our realtor to negotiate and purchase a home and sell our current home. She is very professional, helpful, and very knowledgeable on how to make your home marketable. She listens to what you want, but is able to impart her expertise in a professional manner. Importantly whenever we needed to contact her she was available. She not only was our Realtor, but became a friend who was very supportive at all times. She made selling and buying a house a very positive and pleasant experience. In the past we sold our homes without a realtor, but this experience has shown us the value of having the advise of an experienced real estate agent. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
It is said that in the larger scheme of things, the long term relationship with your real estate agent is more important than any particular home. As with everything else in life, things are secondary and the right things eventually come thanks to the right relationships we nurture. Venturing into the world of home buying in a different state, my husband and I have literally stumbled upon Laura Trundle, who happened to be the real estate agent with whom long term relationship is the only relationship possible. What from our side started as a quick, let us jump the "opportunity wagon" of an attractive short sale purchase turned into months of slow, but patient and systematic progress, moving forward one step at a time. While four and a half months later, we are happy owners of our second home that is in all aspects our dream come true, we are well aware that we own it, not because of us or because of the place itself, but because of Laura, who have been the one steady force in this roller-coaster adventure of buying a short-sale property in the midst of a distressed market. Her patience, reliability, systematic follow through, resilience and on-going ability to remain positive, yet very practical and on the top of things, helped us to stick with a process that at times did not seem to have an end in sight. Although our small purchase was less than lucrative or even adequate in terms of real estate commission that she could look forward to, Laura has always given us highly professional, fully committed service. And while one can say that as a real estate agent, she was only doing her job, in our experience, she approached us not as a disposable, one time homebuyers to make money from, but rather as a long term clients whom she will help with real estate needs for years to come. As a result, we have our home and our long term real estate relationship that we will keep inviting our friends and family to. We wish all of you, who are thinking of buying a home or two or a dozen, to luck out just as we had and stumble upon Ms. Laura Trundle. ;-) Less ... More