Michael Thomas

13 years of work experience
The Thomas Team
1821 Benson Ave
Evanston, IL, 60201
(847) 322-6968

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Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
I can't imagine a better representative for me than The Thomas Team. Mike & Lene are just awesome. They helped us sell our condo in a tough market, and were patient enough with us in our goal to find a house.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
The Thomas?s are two of the most professional, knowledgeable people we have ever worked with. When purchasing a home with them, we faced huge obstacles with the sale of our home in Los Angeles. Michael patiently and expertly guided us through this process, always putting our interests first. Rarely do you find the combination of kindness, attention to detail and expertise you find with the Thomas team. They turned a very stressful situation into a very positive one. We found the perfect home, for a great price and are very happy. We recommend them as highly as we can. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Mike does a great job in looking out for his client's interest in the negotiation process of getting the property. Mike is exteremely knowledgeable of the area that you are purchasing a property as well as the process of completing the purchase and close. Mike is very responsive and stays on top of the entire process through closing. He also provides assistance in obtaining quality mortagate lenders. I would highly recommend Mike and Lene Thomas for anyone buying or selling a property in Evanston and the Chicago northshore area. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
I am currently using Michael Thomas for my third move in the past 8 years. Michael has always been remarkably attentive to the needs of my family during each individual move. He is always cautiously guarding my budget on both ends of the deal. He is probably one of the most amicable people I have ever met. He doesn't have that "salesman" thing going. Trust just emanates from him. It is incredibly helpful during negotiations. He always has his customer's on his mind. If he sees a property come on the market that could be right for me he will get through to me right away. Conversely, he follows up with potential buys who have seen my house diligently, seeking feedback and trying to close the deal. Michael has lived in the area his entire life and it shows in his depth of knowledge. He knows Evanston and the outlying suburbs (all of which I am currently considering) in great detail. I would highly recommend calling Michael and having an initial conversation. I truly believe his attributes are immediately apparent. Believe me, if you leave a message he will call you right back. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy and sell homes
We met Mike a few years ago when we considered selling a condo and he completed a CMA for us and we decided to hold off on our move and he couldn't have been more professional and understanding! So when we were ready to sell the condo and buy a house, we went right back to him and have been so impressed with what a great broker he is! Super knowledgeable in his local market, excellent preparation and presentation in marketing and listing the condo, extremely helpful in the inspection process, outstanding negotiator, also he is very responsive and timely in communication, we so much appreciate the amount of time and respect he has shown us, no wonder he is the No.1 broker in Evanston, any client would be lucky to have an opportunity to work with him! Also, his wife, Lene and other Thomas team members have been outstanding as well, Kathy and Bob Egnor Less ... More
Do not recommend
Never responded to my inquiry
Asked about the Kendall property, which has his name on the sign. He tells me he no longer has the listing and refuses to tell me who to turn to for more information on the Kendall property. I've contacted the first ward alderman and she has also asked for the signs to be removed. I would not recommend this agent. An agent should be able to direct someone on a property he used to list. He didn't do this. After researching online and making a couple calls, I was able to contact the owner of this property. I would never use you for an agent because he was not knowledgeable. I wasn't working with a realtor so he miss out on the opportunity to work with a buyer. Less ... More