Susan Labos

29 years of work experience
Coldwell Banker
9600 Perry Highway, Suite100
Pittsburgh, PA, 15237
(412) 944-2861

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Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
If you are looking for someone who cares what you are looking for, she is the one for you! I got a chance to work with Susan years ago, when she helped my grandmother sell her home. This was a difficult time for her, this was the home she lived and raised all of her children. (the house was way too big for her) Susan was extremely understanding and helpful with her. During this time, Susan helped me purchase my first home. The experience was extremely scary for me, but Susan made it so easy. Susan is not one of those agents that will push you into something you are not sure of. (Also does not take you to houses that are WAY out of your price range or area, just to make a deal.) I am now looking to purchase my second home and I am so grateful she is helping me again. I cannot stress how relived I am about this. She is like family. (To the point, she is now helping another family member to purchase a home, too) I am very picky and I love that Susan gives you all the facts. Not the ones you are able to read over the internet, she goes the extra mile to get you additional details about the home. She defiantly does her research for you. Susan has been doing this for years and understands the home needs to sell you, not her. She is very knowledgeable in many areas. Whether you?re looking for a home or potential rental property. She has the whole package as far as I am concern. If you are looking for someone to HELP you find your dream HOME. Contact her. You will not regret it. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy and sell homes
We have sold two houses and bought one house with Susan. I would not use any one else. The integrity she has would put most people to shame. We have been great friends for years. The last house she sold for us, she insisted the buyers get a home inspection. That was for their protection not ours. She is our friend but, if I did not have trust in her, I would use some one else.
Highly likely to recommend
joshua waibel
Showed me homes
Susan was very helpful to me and my girlfriend and showed us many houses. She wasn't pushy and showed us houses that had the things we asked for. After several months of looking we decided to take a break from house shopping but, Susan was always honest and polite.
Do not recommend
Helped me buy home
Working with Susan was a horrible experience. I bought a house from her 6 months ago and it was by far the worst decision I have ever made. She lied to me about multiple major problems with the house. All of these issues are just coming to surface now. I paid FULL price for my house because she kept pushing me to do so by telling me what a great deal I was getting on this newly remodled home. Needless to say in 6 months I put $6,000 into the plumbing, had one of my chimneys removed and found out there are dangerous amounts of mold in my basement and bedroom which is going to cost me another $5,000. This morning I learned that I need a new roof immediately and this will cost $11,000. I should have been much more suspicious of her "friend" who did my home inspection. I can not believe anyone would do this to someone and think they would get away with it. Susan repeatedly told me how she has children my age and is looking out for me because she would want someone to look out for her children. This was one of the biggest deceptions I have ever experienced. Buying my first home should have been one of the most exciting times of my life, Susan ruined this experience for me in a way my words don't even decribe. Less ... More
Response fromSusan Labos
Oh my gosh! What a terrible thing to read about yourself. I don't even recognize it as a transaction I had. I know which house and which client, but the details do not resemble the transaction from the sales price to my being a friend of the inspector. I am so sorry they encountered problems, but it is a hundred year old home. Everything was inspected.....if there were issues, why didn't they call the inspector?? I am committed to customer satisfaction and even cut the commission 25% to accommodate their needs. Less ... More
Likely to recommend
Helped me buy and sell homes
My first experience with Susan was in 1990..and I keep going back. Susan has provided services on both the "listing" side and "selling side" for me. I even suggested to my daughter and sister that they use Susan as an agent. I think the fact that I keep returning and referring her to others says it all!