Kinan Beck

MaxAvenue - One Source Team
2003 N. Lamar Blvd, Ste 200A
Austin, TX, 78705
(512) 961-3487

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Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy and sell homes
I just purchased my second investment property with Kinan and I couldn't be happier. We found an investment property in Hyde Park that met my model for both cash flow and appreciation. Very hard to do. We closed quickly and fairly, and were able to work out fair but aggressive terms with the sellers. In a market that is getting tighter and tighter every day in terms of real estate, I am happy that I have Kinan on my side.
Do not recommend
Listed home, but didn't sell
Unethical, tried to stick me with a house with major problems and played all possible tricks to avoid disclosing them. Avoid him by all means or verify, verify and then verify. I obviously ended up not buying the house after the inspection (issues were discovered) and the lack or responses from him. Interesting enough he, a week later, placed the house back on the market, said that it was under contract and now about a month later it is back on the market again. You be the judge of what is up with that house and what he is trying to do. Less ... More
Response fromKinan Beck
This home went under contract within the first week, but the buyers backed out due to a couple inspection items. We immediately released the earnest money and got the inspection report from the agent. My sellers had the items corrected; re-listed the home, disclosed the inspection report, updated the seller?s disclosure, and got the home under contract again. The new buyers could not get financing and terminated. All that being said I'm not sure why this disgruntle buyer would accuse me for anything, since I never represented them. I'm only allowed to communicate through their agent, so why would this buyer be upset with me? Maybe they should ask their agent what they represented to them in the transaction. That is why you hire a buyer?s agent. I can see how communication can be lost when there's an unhappy buyer or when a buyer loses a bid. Either way, I wish you the best in your search and hope you find the home you're looking for. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Kinan was a great to me and my family. Relocating is stressful enough, but Kinan helped us find the right house, in the right neighborhood, respected our budget, and gave us all the time and attention we needed.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy and sell homes
Kinan Beck has assisted our family in the purchase of two of our homes and the sale of one. In every instance, Kinan is deliberate in learning exactly what we were looking for in terms of the ?perfect home? for our needs. He did extensive research and his local knowledge of the real-estate market is masterful having been honed over the past 20 years. As the purchase and sale of a home can be one of the more stressful life events that we face, Kinan was able to breakdown the process step by step so that we felt a real sense of control and knowledge with what to expect next. His good work led to multiple offers on our home and our sale price set a new benchmark for price-per-square foot in our market. When it came time to negotiate the purchase of our new home (which we love) Kinan?s extensive negotiation skills came into play as we were very pleased with the value that we received for the price of our new home. Kinan has not only served as our realtor, but we consider him a great friend of the family and highly recommend his service to anyone who is looking for a trusted and expert partner in assisting you with your real-estate needs. Joe and Sharla DeMedeiros Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
Our experience with Kinan was outstanding. He and his team were always professional and responsive. Our situation was complicated by the fact that we were returning from an EXPAT assignment so all the initial communication was over the phone. We also required help with receiving the house from the tenants and coordinating with them for the initial listing. Since we decided to purchase a new home as opposed to returning to our old home, property management during the period the tenants were still there and before the house was sold was not covered by my company's relocation agreement. The options offered by the relocation company to be paid out of our own pocket diod not make sense, so we asked Kinan for help. Even though his company does not traditionally do any of that, he was still able to come up with a solution that made more sense for us and removed the stress of having to manage a property and the exit of the tenants while still out of the country. The whole process from listing, to marketing to receiving the house from the tenants and then through close with the tenants was seamless. Being able to review everything and sign through docusign was a big plus. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Not only does Kinan have a wealth of knowledge about the real estate market in Austin, he is totally adept at determining exactly what the client wants when searching for a home and finding the best matches for your preferences. If the perfect one comes along and your offer is rejected, he jumps right back in to find something else that will work. Even though I was disappointed by being outbid on two different properties, the one we did finally acquire far exceeded my expectations, was in the perfect area and I'm so happy - it was the right one at the right time. I highly recommend Kinan for anyone searching for dream homes, investment properties or any other real estate service they need. Less ... More