Brian Miecznikowski

9 years of work experience
Green Realty
341S 3rd St. #300
Columbus, OH, 43215
(614) 398-3339

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Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Brian explained the process thoroughly. He was very friendly and professional. We searched houses with David and he was tireless even though we were very picky. He promptly responded to our texts and emails. We found the right house!
Do not recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
My interaction with Brian, unfortunately, was very similar to Raymond's. I'd contact him, and he'd either tell me he'd "take care of it" or just never respond. When I'd follow up, he'd say he never got the message or that he thought he had responded. It was pretty unbelievable for the business that he's in - so much so that I excused his unprofessional behavior, thinking he must have had something else going on in his life that was higher-priority. I now see it's just how he does business. There are a gazillion agents out there; don't bother with this one unless you enjoy being frustrated and ignored. Less ... More
Do not recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
Hey Brian, it's Raymond, remember he said that you were going call me. I am still waiting four days later. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio. At age 23, I joined the military retired as a disabled vet in San Antonio Texas. June 27, 2012 I seen Brian picture on the Internet. I called him. Everything went well at first until I mentioned the property that I was interested in. He seemed to know very little about the property even though it was less than five blocks from where his office is. But he said he would call me back and send me some more info on the property. I told him I need a bulldog to fight for me. He said he was, a rottweiler. The next day came and there was no info in my e-mail and he forgot to call me back. So I called him up and he said he was sorry he did call me yesterday and that the reason I did no get the info was because he must have written down the wrong e-mail address. He said he would call me back and verify he had the right address. That was on 28 June 2012. It is the 30th and I know it may be me but normally when a real estate agent gets a cold call out of the blue from a party that is interested in a property that cost $250,000. Normally they will call you back. I am still awake Brian. Oh, and by the way, the same day that I called him and he forgot to call me back, the property went under contract t someone else. Less ... More