Christy Grifaldo

9 years of work experience
Grifaldo Properties, LLC
1084 Henderson Drive
Jacksonville, NC, 28540
(910) 467-3610

Ratings & reviews (3)

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Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Proactive and knowledgeable. Responds quickly to questions. Goes out of way to help. Takes time out of day to help; responds to emails quickly. Will use her services again.
Unlikely to recommend
Helped me find a home to rent
In 2012 my husband and I moved into one of Grifaldo Properties Rentals in Jacksonville, NC. Things started off fine, and after about 3-4 months of living in the home things started to get really irritating. The biggest one came at the very end. We let her know we were moving, and we agreed to take responsibility for the remainder of the lease even though we were leaving. My husband woke up one morning to find that a lock box had been put on our door and a knock on the door that the house was being shown (without notice) A realtor from a different company was trying to show our house and told us that our property manager set up this time for the house to be shown, Christy knew we weren?t moving for two more days and had not even called. Our house was also being listed as VACANT while we were still living there, and to her knowledge. While this other realtor was in the home showing our disaster of a house that was packed up in boxes, she informed us that we were not the first to have problems with this property manager; she apparently was fired from another company. We had a list of issues. I should have seen it from the start when I moved into a dirty house that had not been cleaned even though it was promised it would be. I DO NOT recommend using her business. She does not respond in a timely matter, it takes days to get answers and weeks to see results. She is rude, and not accommodating. I think there are way better sources out there. Less ... More
Response fromChristy Grifaldo
I like to know what property you are living in because I am not aware of any issues that you are stating in this review and all our homes must have appointments for to be shown and if a agent showed up with out a appointment I need to know as it is not allowed. None of our homes are listed vacant when they are occupied. As for me being fired from another company that is false and inaccurate information. Please let me know your name and address and we will get all issues you are having taken care of. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Christy helped us purchase a home and was willing to show us properties in many parts of the county with knowledge of the neighborhoods, the schools and even the traffic patterns for the military bases! If you want someone who will provide a quality experience in finding a home for rent/buy or to sell your home, Christy is the one I highly recommend. She is very knowledgeable in her field and expects only the best for her clients.