Debra Schmidt

Help-U-Sell Heritage Real Estate
245 18th Street SE
Owatonna, MN, 55060
(507) 390-4030

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Do not recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
I contacted Help-U-Sell because like everyone else I wanted to save some money when I decided to sell. I contacted Deb and she came to my house in Rochester and I decided to signed with her. A few days later she emailed me and asked me to take picture of my house so she could get it listed. I would have thought that she would have brought a camera along when we signed the listing agreement, but I guess not. I happened to be out of town working so I was not able to get her pictures. She took the pictures my previous realtor used when he sold the house and used them for her MLS listing. None of the pictures showed any of my renovations to the house. She was not about to make a 30 minute drive to take updated pictures. When it was time for our first open house I went across the street to my friends wait and watch. Deb was 7 minutes late to the open house. She quickly ran out and put 3 signs about 100' around my house on the end of the streets. The house is located off of 3 busy residential streets so I went out to see if she put signs up. None. After the open house I asked Deb why she didn't put signs up at the 3 busy streets. She told me that "open house signs do not bring people in." I know for me if I see an open house sign in an area that I would like to live, I follow the signs! So I asked her how she advertised and she said she had an ad in on Fingers crossed everyone looking for open houses in my location looked at that website! Deb told me she had one really positive lead from the open house but I don't believe her. I didn't see anyone or hear from anyone. I fired Deb a week later. I saw a couple 5 stars for Deb but they clearly never had her try and sell their house. Im sure its great to drive clients around and help them find a house. But when it comes to Deb having to sell a house, don't waste your time. She is lazy and has no idea how to market and sell a house. Bottom get what you pay for. I WOULD NOT, COULD NOT, DO NOT RECOMMEND DEBRA SCHMIDT TO ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN SELLING THEIR HOME. Less ... More
Do not recommend
Never responded to my inquiry
I would never recommend Debra Schmidt. There is a complete lack of communication and professionalism on her behalf. She is incompetent and disrespectful to the whole process of buying and selling homes. She returns phone calls after 3 days on average to answer simple questions. It is very frustrating to work with someone like her. I hope everyone reads this and runs the other direction. Again, I adamantly would NEVER recommend Debra with "Help You Sell". I hope this saves at least one person from dealing with her and her company in the future. Less ... More
Do not recommend
Listed home, but didn't sell
There is a concerning lack of communication from broker to seller and there has been little to no marketing completed. We had been listed since February and have been dissatisfied with the communication, progress and overall experience that we had. We did sign a contract that states that it is able to be cancelled if both parties agree. We requested this cancellation four times since April. Each time was denied and once was completely ignored. We were only listed on the internet on MLS websites and even though we requested to have weekly or bi weekly updates regarding internet traffic, we never had one sent to us. Also, we had one open house in March from 9 am to 10 am. We, ourselves, then had an open house and then out agent held one in May with no advertising at all. No signs, no ad, no posting.We were not able cancel our contract even though we feel it is not a good fit and we feel trapped and disappointed. I can't imagine why someone would want to force their clients into staying with them when they are as upset as we are. Multiple emails have been sent to the corporate office, to no avail. We were informed that our agent had given us an opportunity to cancel our contract by the corporate officer, however, we were never informed of this. When an email was sent to the agent regarding this issue, it too was ignored. We have now not spoke to our agent or had any communication for over a month. When requesting to cancel the contract in person, our agent gave the reasoning that she could not cancel due to "policy" and asked us what would happen if she let everyone out of their policies. Also, when asked what happens if someone decides to remove their home from the market before the contract period is up, she stated that the company usually charges $500-$1000 dollars to recoup what was spent on marketing and labor dollars. I requested one time to get a list of fees she has spent marketing our home, other than the MLS, which she is a member of with or without us, and again, was ignored. We have spoke to other realtors and agencies regarding common practice, and most practices include being able to "fire" the agent if things are not up to the customers standards or expectations. This was a horrendous experience and I do not want this to happen to others. I believe that local consumers should be advised about the horrible service and complete lack of respect this company has for its customers. From the agent to the corporation itself, no one has been helpful, friendly or even come close to doing what we, as customers, feel is right. We will never recommend Debra Schmidt, Help U Sell Heritage Real Estate or the Help U Sell company in any way. We feel that this agent and the company do not act in the best interest of the customer. Less ... More
Do not recommend
Helped me buy home
We bought our house last year (2011) and our expierence with Deb was ABOLUTELY TERRIBLE. She never followed through with anything she said she would we had to keep contacting her and push her just so she would finish our deal. It was absolutely ridiculous and the worst expierence ever. At one point she was blaming us for the hold up when we did everything and anything right away so we could get this done as soon as possible especially since we had a certain timeline to stick to and she promised us she would help us with that. That was a joke, never again would we ever recommend her or work with her. Less ... More
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Deb was amazing to work with and I would reccomend her to everyone I know. She was very knowledgable and helped us to get an amazing deal on our home.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Called her about another house for which she was the listing agent. After showing us that house, she suggested we look at this one. We came, we saw, we purchased - and we're very happy with the house.