douglas addeo

community realty
9922 palma vista way
boca raton, FL, 33428
(561) 251-3408

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Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
Doug helped us sell our home three years ago in the worst Florida market. We have recommended him to many of our friends and neighbors. His marketing is very professional and he is terrific in helping you give both the buyer and seller best advantage.
Highly likely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
Doug always does a wonderful job for us. We have worked with him on our home and our parents home. Doug is very responsive and guides us easily through our transactions. Highly recommended!
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy and sell homes
Doug is the man! I listed my property through his service because I was skeptical about the majority of Realtors in south Florida. He is helping very much with a difficult closing. Expert, he knows his stuff and will make sure you have the pertinent information to get the job done. Highly, highly recommend.
Do not recommend
Never responded to my inquiry
I have actually had two negative experiences with Douglas Addeo over the years. Most recently, I was interested in a property in Ponte Vedra Beach and he never called me back to show to property. My other experience was back when I lived in Miami. I tried listing my condo (The Palace Condos on Brickell) in 2005 with him where I would pay him just to put my information on the MLS and people could contact me directly or contact him and her would in turn pass on a buyers contact information to me. I paid him $500 or so. He did upload my posting on the MLS, BUT he never forwarded any buyers to me. I was suspicious since no one was calling so I had a friend inquire about my property through his link and she never heard back from him. He is a scammer from what I have experienced. I tried contacting him back when all this was going on and of course, I received no response. I don't know how he can still be working in the real estate market. I can't believe I ran across this guy again when looking for a property in Ponte Vedra. But, it didn't surprise me when I received the same non-existent service. Less ... More
Response fromdouglas addeo
This anonymous posting is completely false and libelous calling me names such as calling me a "scammer". Is this nonsensical type of posting really allowed to be posted on Zillow? According to this posting this person has a complaint about doing business back in "2005" , seven years ago? It is now 2013. Also I have never charged 500 dollars for any of our services and if a buyer is interested in a property my sellers are the ones to respond back to them at their own descretion. If a proeprty is under contract or sold they most liekly wont call a buyer lead back. I forward all leads to my clients, period! I wouldnt be in business as long as I have been if I didnt do what people hire me to do which is saving them thousands of dollars in commissions. Less ... More