Pia Ciccone

Prudential CT Realty
10 Forest Park Drive
Farmington, CT, 6032
(860) 573-4026

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Unlikely to recommend
Listed and sold a home
Pia was the listing agent for a home a sold a few years back. First the positive....Pia is one of the largest listing agents in Burlington. She has a good understanding of the Burlington market and some of the recent sales, etc. This is the reason we decided to go with her. Now the negatives..... 1) She puts absolutely no effort into selling your house. She lists the house in MLS and that's it. There is no aggressive marketing, etc. If you don't believe me, take a look at her listings. Two things will jump out. First, they sit on the market a long time (a lot longer than other houses in that market). Second, look at the pictures within her listing. A lot of realtors use outside photographers to show the home better. I can take better pictures on my IPhone then Pia's listing pictures. 2) The worst practice that turned me off to ever recommending Pia was related to the commission. We negotiated a 5% commission on the sales, which is pretty typical in this market. I didn't realize until closing (when I reviewed the final settlement document) that instead of splitting that commission evenly at 2.5% between the buyers and sellers agent, Pia kept 3% for herself and gave the buyers agent 2%!!! In my opinion that it just sneaky and it's no wonder her listings sit on the market longer. A buyers agent might push potential buyers away because of a lower commission. Bottom line, Pia lists a lot of houses in the Burlington market, but there are a lot of other agents that will be more fair and put in a lot more effort to sell your house. Less ... More
Unlikely to recommend
None. We connected, but it did not work out.
This woman was incompetent when it came to negotiating a contract. She made mistakes that she was unwilling to try to remedy. She ignored specific instructions from her own clients' attorney and provided multiple conflicting agreements for the same transaction.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
I would absolutely use Pia again for any future sale of our home. It was a pleasure working with Pia. She was extremely responsive and patient with us when we wanted to see the house several times (and we didn't buy those!) What I loved about Pia best is that she was not pushy or right on top of us when we saw houses. She let us take it all in, ask questions when we needed to and then provided all the information we needed as well.
Highly likely to recommend
Helped me buy home
Pia was very helpful when we decided it was time to start looking for a new home. She didn't mind showing us one particular home twice even though we didn't choose that one. The home we did decide on she was very helpful keeping things on schedule despite the bank taking a very long time to let us close. She knows the area well and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell.